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Painting Pictures

It All Falls Down

Did you know ?

It all falls down took less than an hour to write.  

Scott sat down at the piano one night and the song just poured out.  

Always Be There

Did you know ?

At 2 minutes and 42 seconds, "Always Be There " is FNMC's shortest song. 

The band considered making it longer but, in the end, opted to keep the short and simple version.

I Could Die Tonight

Did you know ?

Tiffany made three minutes of footage just spinning on a chair and getting completely dizzy just to capture the few seconds used in the video.

Tiff came up with the lyrics while watching the movie, Underworld and asked that the video have a darkness to it.


Did you know ?

After Jon wrote the music, Scott based the concept of the entire song off one lyric he had stuck in his head.

"I'd fall apart if I'm not breathing in your kiss."

From there, he wanted to make the song as deeply passionate as possible.

Summer Town Cafe

Did you know ?

This song was originally called Timberline Cafe.

Timberline Cafe is a real Cafe in Granite Falls, WA.

Scott grew up a few miles from there and would stop there every weekend before going hiking in the mountains.

My Home

Did you know ?

Tiffany wrote the lyrics to My Home in honor of fallen solldiers

This song was released on Memorial Day, May 28 2012

So many have given their lives so that we can live ours freely. We will always remember. We will always be thankful.

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

Did you know ?

This amazing song was written by The Korgis; however, it was Beck's version that really caught Scott's attention.

This is FNMC's version of this magical song.


Did you know ?

FNMC had the chance to host a jam session with Brett Dickinson  so they did a few cover songs with Brett on the microphone.

This is one of the rough cover songs that came out of the jam session.

Norwegian Wood

Did you know ?

John is a huge Beatles fan

FNMC could probably do a full CD worth of Beatles music.

John's filled with Beatles' facts down to the smallest detail.


Did you know ?

Why was meant to be a solo song for Tiffany.

Once all the tracks where done the band thought it would be nice to try a version where a man offered an answer as to "why" he ran away.

So the duet was never rehearsed or practiced.  Scott just added a lead in the second verse while doing his back up vocals and a duet was born.

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