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John Scott Tiffany Jon
Scott's a product of the Seattle music scene and a huge fan of both Rock and Country music.   You'll usully find Scott locked in his music room until 3am or anywhere there's a stage and a piano.   

Scott's personal Facebook page is 
Feel free to invite him as a friend.  Scott loves sharing his music and also posts songs he finds and likes from other undiscovered artists.

Stay - Rihanna & Mikky Ekko - Scott's Version

Vocals / Instruments

Just one of those songs everyone was doing a cover of so Scott did his version.

Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri) - Lyrics [Cover]

Vocals / Instruments.

Just one of those songs everyone was doing a cover of so Scott did his version.


Vocals & co-wrote.

Not a fan of long song titles.

Vocals & Co-wrote.

Vocals, Keys, Co-wrote
Horrible mix but it's one of Scott's old favorites.

Vocals, Co-wrote .

Vocals, Co-wrote.  Song was for a book / screen play that Scott's writting called "Shine".
Just having some fun in the studio.

Scott, after hours   having fun being left alone in the studio.

Even rockers have a mellow side.

You can't be a rocker without a rock ballad. Waiting is off the CD Kentucky.

The product of a few beers and a slow night in the studio.

One more rock ballad off the CD Kentucky.

The song that turned Scott's life around.  Scott was just the keyboardist and sang back up but he was 19 and on tour.

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